Lark Voorhies Speaks Out About Her New Look.

What Happen to Lark Voorhies? Lark Voorhies Speaks Out About Her New Look. Recent Lark Voorhies photos and video had many Saved By the Bell fans wondering what happened to the face of Lisa Turtle? The once cute young star seemed to have undergone some drastic aging or plastic surgery in the recent videos and pics. However, a new photo has surfaced and it appears things aren’t quite so bad!
A report from All Hip Hop shows a brand new photo of Voorhies. This one was tweeted just last week and shows her on the set of “Jessica’s Journey,” a new film she is working on. It appears from this image, and from what the website is saying, that Lark simply was the victim of a bad makeup job in her video interview and photos. Ironically, the newest photo was tweeted by her makeup artist last week.

Voorhies is best known for playing Lisa Turtle back on Saved By the Bell in the 90s. Many were wondering if she had just aged really bad, or even had a bad plastic surgery job. She came across as well spoken and indicated things were going well in her latest video interview. Still, that didn’t stop the criticism from pouring. It seems that the new photo shows that Lark Voorhies looks just fine right now, and is all grown up. Now for the kids from Bayside to do that Saved By the Bell reunion!
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