Flavor Flav Faces 180-Day Jail Sentence For Failure to Pay Child Support.

Flavor Flav is staring at a possible prison bid over failure to pay child support.

According to the New York Daily News, the eccentric clock-wearing rapper of Public Enemy fame and former reality television star is facing a 180-day jail sentence for failing to pay more than $111,186 to an Albany woman who gave birth to three of his seven children.

The Daily News reports that an Albany County magistrate recommended that the jail sentence and revocation of Flav’s driver’s license and passport after the rapper pulled a no-show at his scheduled court hearing this week.

“It was declared a willful violation,” an official told the Daily News of Drayton’s failure to pay child support.

The rapper must appear at the Albany Family Court on June 19.

Flav, real name William Drayton, has been in trouble for failing to make child support payments in the past. He’s supposed to pay Angie Parker of Albany $837.72 per week. In 2010, the News reports that Parker took Drayton to court to force him to pay the $63,458 he owed at the time.

Known for hyping fans as part of the legendary Public Enemy, Flav also became a reality TV star with VH1’a Flavor of Love and Strange Love.
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