Top 10 Blogs In Atlanta

Top 10 Blogs In Atlanta
Top 10 Blogs In Atlanta

Atlanta Blogger:  List of Top 10 Blogs In Atlanta – Top 10 Atlanta Blogs

In Atlanta being a blogger means much more then adding content to a blog site. It means access to the who’s who in the movies, music and sports world. When I started in 2009 I didn’t know it was so competitive. I noticed bloggers in Atlanta was not willing to help or assist you on your blog. I learned very fast that blogging in Atlanta is a very cut throat but profitable and pleasurable business. A great blogger that works hard in Atlanta may find him or herself on CNN, V-103 or even The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Instant access to the stars means exclusive content which turns into views and revenue. Atlanta is the largest city in the south and some people calls it the black Hollywood. I moved to Atlanta back in 1995 during the Freaknic era and I’ve been here ever since. Now it’s 2012 and I’m 3 years strong in the blogging game. I learned a lot in the business and consider myself one of the leading bloggers in the city. So now I’m highlighting the top 10 bloggers in Atlanta based on Alexa ranking, longevity, accomplishments, exclusive content, Interviews, viewers and readers. This is my 2012 top 10 Atlanta Bloggers list from my professional experience in the business. Forgive me if I miss your blog site. Step your blogging game up and maybe next year you will make my list. –

Futuristic Blogger


1. Sandra Rose — US: 3,365

2. Michelle Brown — US: 7,659
3. Atl night spot – US: 11,045
4. Freddy O — US: 16,480
5. Futuristic US: 30,923
6. TalkingWithTami — US: 32,965
7. Exclusive Access US: 61,737
9. Gyant Unplugged – US: 129,954
10. Dennis Byron – US: 209,649
11. Marice Garland — US: 320,865

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