Ying Yang Twin ARRESTED!!! – Mugshot

Ying Yang Twin ARRESTED!!!
Ying Yang Twin ARRESTED!!!

Atlanta Blogger:   Today police have arrested a member of the popular Atlanta rap group the Ying Yang Twins on DUI charges. Gwinnet Police Officer say Deongelo Holmes had his two kids inside the car as he was pulled over on Old Norcross Road and Boggs Road in Gwinnett County. Gwinnet police says he also admitted he had recently smoked marijuana. Police say two of Holmes’ sons, a 3-year-old and a 2-month-old were also in the car. Ying Yang Twins dropped a new single called “Boyfriend” last week. (Justin Bieber Remix) was featured on MTV Website. Let’s hope things turn out for the best for Ying Yang Twins. He’s like the fifth person in the last week arrested for DUI with kids in the car in Atlanta.  SMH

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