Pastor Creflo Dollar First Time Speaking Since Being Arrested.

4umf News — Saturday June 9, 2012 Manhattan Center 34th Street New York, NY World Changers Church New York At the WCC-NY service held prior to this week’s recent events, Pastor Taffi Dollar gave as sermon referred to as “case dismissed.” Interestingly enough this week on Thursday Pasto Creflo Dollar found himself arrested at his Georgia home when an altercation broke out between he and his15 year old daughter when he told her that she could not attend a party.
“I love my girls…”,said Pastor Dollar at the Saturday evening service. “I would die for them…they will never know how much I love them”. The protective father and devoted pastor spoke of being booked, having his mug shot taken and being placed in a yellow jumpsuit. Pastor Dollar said as he sat at the Fulton County Jail to he sang to himself, ”Yes Jesus Loves Me, ” a declaration of the love that God has for him. He explained that he later posted bail and was released. As the NYC congregation stood in applause and support of Pastor Dollar, he said, “Thank you for knowing me.” The service concluded with the all of the members singing “Yes, Jesus Loves Me.”

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