VIDEO: Chris Brown And Drake Fight Over Rihanna. — Atlanta Blogger

VIDEO: Chris Brown And Drake Fight Over Rihanna.
VIDEO: Chris Brown And Drake Fight Over Rihanna.

Atlanta Blogger: VIDEO: Chris Brown And Drake Fight Over Rihanna. According to various reports, Drake supposedly got into an altercation with Chris Brown late last night/early this morning, that left Breezy with a nice reminder of why he should never fight over a woman.
As the story goes, the two were at a signing party in NYC for G.O.O.D Music’s Teyana Taylor when exchanged words led to flying bottles and Brown Instagram’ing the picture of his wound, revealing a cut chin. In a series of deleted tweets from Chris, the singer claims he was hit with a bottle by a “p*ssy nigga” who later ran into the club’s bathroom for safety. We assume he’s talking about the Champagne Papi. For anyone who’s not been keeping tabs on Rihanna’s bedroom buddies, Rih Rih is the common denominator between Drizzy and Breezy.


The pair are said to have clashed in a New York nightclub and the R&B star was treated in hospital after he was allegedly bottled by one of the rival hitmaker’s entourage.
The singer posted a gruesome snap of his injury on his Twitter page, but later removed it.
The two musicians have had a long-running feud over Drake’s dalliance with Chris’s ex Rihanna.
But when they met at WIP club last night, Chris is thought to have sent a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table as a peace offering.
Unconfirmed reports say the bottle was returned with a note referring to Rihanna which read: “I’m f****** the love of your life, deal with it.” Futuristic Blogger will keep you UPDATED!! —  


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chris brown drake fight
chris brown drake fight

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