Joseline Pregnant By Stevie J??? [Photo]

Joseline Pregnant By Stevie J
Joseline Pregnant By Stevie J – having a baby

Atlanta Blogger: Rapper Joseline pregnant by Stevie J??? [Photo] Love and hip hop atlanta is a hot mess. After watching the previews for the whole season, I noticed its a possibility that Rapper Joseline Hernandez may be pregnant by Stevie J. If this is the case, he can forget about his relationship with MiMi. Well, I take that back, MiMi might still accept him back in her life. A man only do, what a woman allow him to do. Stevie J Cheats because MiMi allows him too. Stevie J knows MiMi not going nowhere at the end if the day.

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20 thoughts on “Joseline Pregnant By Stevie J??? [Photo]

    1. Kelly

      I went to middle & high school with this girl & she’s definately a whore. She was actually arrested 3 times in Miami for prostitution and now she’s showing her true colors on this show as the Homewrecker she is. So pathetic

    2. Kianna

      I know Joseline has done alot of wrong throughout the show already. Sure she is a homewrecker and sure she did sleep with Stevie J. But can you really call her a hoe? or a slut? She obviously really wants to be in a relationship with Stevie J and he must be showing her love and affection for her to react the way she does. She doesn’t deserve to be bullied be people on the outside looking in. So stop the childish name calling, its rude and tasteless.

  1. Armani martinez-hernandez

    It’s sad that stevie J is acting this way.MiMi is a hard working woman and he wanna go and cheat and get another girl pregnant. He just met her 4 months ago and she already knocked up. We don’t know who the baby daddy could be. If she really loved stevie J she wouldn’t have came with Stevie J to K.Michelle party. Even if they do have something going on why would you come? It’s like you know they gone fight why ruin what somebody else got goin on??? Thats just childish. I mean really somebody else party?!?! Stevie J should have known better he was probably enjoying them arguing ovea him. And if Joseline is pregnant by Stevie J ten I don’t blame Mimi for kicking him out. Joseline had no right to be mad Mimi had a natural right to be mad. She has a child by him and she put her whole enitre life on hold for him and this is how he repay her. My ex bf was still messing with his ex when we were dating I found out by my cousin that they were still together and he said I didn’t wanna lose both of you. He begged for me to take him back I did. About 7 months later he broke up with me all because of something that happened before we met. A couple weeks later I found out I was pregnant and it was his baby in october I gave birth to a baby girl. I’m basically saying that if Stevie J is the father of joseline child will he stay with Mimi or leave he for a girl he just met 4 months ago???

  2. Reese

    I don’t like the fact that Joseline is still willing to mess around with Stevie J knowing he qot a baby mama. I understand where Mimi coming from because I went through the same stuff with my ex and he thought he could have me and this other girl at the same but I put up with his playing games for too long I kicked him to the curb. Mimi should recognize Stevie J’s ways and that its not going to change…

  3. GoldenHoney

    Stevie J pimpin all them bi****s. All they want is his money and fame so they will let him do and say whatever he wants. For Mimi, if its a problem then leave his azz if not shut up and take it like you have for the past 15 years.

  4. mimi a good women but she need to leave stevie tf alone he aint shit lyin to her n she know he lyin she can do way betta n as for joseline she a hoe busn for a contract dat hoe cant even rap shje madd cuz ol girl put her ass on blast gof bitch mimi need to whoop her ass

  5. Smmb

    Supposedly he talks her into having an abortion and they show it on the show. Didn’t kno a man can get pregnant. That would explain the abortion wink wink!

  6. marissa

    i watch this show all the time but mimi need to open her eye and see that stevie j want joseline and her common sense you man came to a party with the girl he work for and then get in the car with the bitch and dont care what u think its time for u to go i dont give a damn what no one say i kno dont no damn body be in the studio at 1am or 3am in the fucken morning stevie j was going to take that MAN WOMEN to the hotel and fuck her and go get in ur bed later mimi open ur eyes and then he tried to get u to move far away from the city so he can fuck around with the MAN WOMEN come open ur damn eyes mimi stevie j dont love u and u kno it he want the MAN WOMEN and not a real WOMEN

  7. but he’s only doing what they allow him to do in the end mess over them used them up and when they are no longer fun. he gets rid of them and they are no longer fun pretty sexy or nothing for that matter anymore.

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