K. Michelle Boyfriend Beat Her?? Memphitz

K. Michelle Boyfriend Beat Her??
K. Michelle Boyfriend Beat Her

Atlanta Blogger:  Who was K. Michelle boyfriend who beat her?? It was Memphitz?? after doing my research, I founded out that its a possibility that Toya Carter husband Memphitz is the dude she described with big arms and tattoos. In a interview back in 2010

K. Michelle revealed Memphitz physically abused her (as many a man has done in her life-you’d think such a “businessman” would be smarter) and spent the ENTIRE budget for her debut album “Pain Medicine” on his wife girlfriend, Toya Carter (best known as Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife and mother of his 12-year old daughter Reginae).
Memphitz said: Not much, he was just gloating at being the label boss, at refusing to release K. Michelle from her contract, and that it was in his power to decide whether or not “Pain Medicine” would ever see the light of day.

A representative for Memphitz said: The most in this case. According to him, when K. Michelle was first signed, Memphitz enjoyed her voice, had big plans for her, and saw her as his “little sister”. Allegedly that wasn’t enough for Ms. Pate, who saw them as the next “Bey-Z”. Mr. Wright apparently never wanted that, but gave it a shot anyway. That rep would say the relationship soured (claiming K. Michelle was always being too negative), so eventually Memphitz told her it wasn’t going to work out. At that point the “woman scorned” allegedly came out, stalking Memphitz back to his house and making threats to ruin his career.

I will keep ya’ll posted on this.

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One thought on “K. Michelle Boyfriend Beat Her?? Memphitz

  1. adriona

    i do not think tht he hit her i think she is crazy but she still a cool gurl the reason i say tht she is crazy because people should pay attention 2 how she acts on love and hip hop she sames little things tht might make u thnk tht she is really crazy and on memphitz half i do not think tht he every put his hands on her because he said n a interveiw on the radio tht she went nutz on him in a hotel room and she started hittin on him and screamin and the only time he ever touched her was 2 grab her hands so she couldnt hit him again and he put her hands on her mouth 2 stop her from screamin because people were knockin on tha door tryin 2 c if evrythng was alrite

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