Stevie J And Mimi Faust Been Together 15 Years?? #LHHATL


Atlanta Blogger: Stevie J And Mimi Faust Been Together 15 Years?? #LHHATL Right Now they killing Stevie J on twitter after the first episode of love and Hip Hop Atlanta. People saying Mimi dumb because she been wit this Stevie j dude for 15 years and have NO RING. Charlamagne Tha God Giving Stevie J “Donkey Of The Day” on Power 106.
I will keep ya’ll posted on this. MORE PHOTOS HERE

Stevie J And Mimi Faust Been Together 15 Years
Stevie J And Mimi Faust Been Together 15 Years

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7 thoughts on “Stevie J And Mimi Faust Been Together 15 Years?? #LHHATL

  1. liz

    stevie trying to be a pimp. he sound special too. i dont understand how he supposively quick with his words because when he talk he sound guilty. poor mimi. i say leave his washed up looking as*.

  2. Im trying to figure out how they been together 15 years when him and eve were engaged and split up in 2000….remember the stevie j/ eve sex tape

  3. yancy nacy

    I watched Love and Hip Hop Atlanta on my Hopper when I got home from work. Boy was I surprised at how much drama there was in the first episode! They definitely did not wait to hold off on anything huh. A lot of my co-workers at Dish couldn’t believe how dumb Mimi looks; I honestly didn’t feel sorry for her because she knows what’s going on. I can’t wait to see whose baby Joseline is pregnant by!

  4. Nunee

    Stevie j was also engaged to Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter in 2007. Dated Eve also in 1999 or something like that. 15 years????? He has proposed to everyone besides Mimi. She needs to leave ASAP. He’s embarrassing her in front of the whole world.

  5. KyChocol8

    Stevie J is on TV reppin Atl’s downlow brother secret society to the fullest! These niggas messing wit them niggas need to be careful if they are not going to show their women no respect at least they can respect their own children! Stevie J’s daughter gotta grow up knowing that her dad and his tranny disrespect her and her momma on national TV!

  6. pretty

    Everyone keep saying that Mimi is Dumb but Mimi know what she is doing she been with Stevie j all that time for the money he give’s her, she don’t love him like that anymore because she know he is a dog so she takes his money and Stevie j let her it’s a game they play.

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