Atlanta Blogger Breaks Down VH1 “Love And Hip Hop” Atlanta.

Atlanta Blogger Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Atlanta Blogger Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Atlanta Blogger:  — been going crazy since the first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aired on Monday June 18, 2012. I received a lot of comments about the relationships based on the show. By me being in the top 5 bloggers in Atlanta, I decided to do my research to give my readers the real deal on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. First off, I believe the show is scripted, but we all figured that with reality shows nowadays. Stevie J and MiMi are the main characters of the show because there relationship has the most drama. The problem with this idea is, Stevie J knows he’s filming a realty show. So who cheats publicly on a nationwide reality show, then lies to his spouse as if she is not going to see it. Unbelievable. Secondly, the fight between Stevie J and Lil Scrappy is also manufactured, because Stevie J was a producer of one of Lil Scrappy songs on his last album. Without giving away too much information, I guessing we’ll see guest appearances from Diamond, Toya Carter and Memphis hitz for very important reasons. Follow my blog for exclusive updates on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I’m providing the real inside scoop for y’all…. Atlanta Is My City!!

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2 thoughts on “Atlanta Blogger Breaks Down VH1 “Love And Hip Hop” Atlanta.

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  2. karen holland

    Joseline need to have a blog page so she can read the comments about her foul ass. She is disrespectful as a woman and will never have a man of her own as long as she continues to pursue another womans man like he’s hers. She obviously has no self respect or she wouldn’t put herself out there on national television like that. Where’s her mother and isnt she ashamed for her mother, father or family to see her acting like that. desperate and disrespectful. She looks and sounds like she is a man who has had a sex change. Get a man of your own.

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