Top 10 Worst Reality Shows In Atlanta. [Full List]

Top 10 Worst Reality Shows In Atlanta
Top 10 Worst Reality Shows In Atlanta

Atlanta Bloggers:  Atlanta, Ga has quickly become the leading place for Reality TV in the United States. After listening to all the Talk radio shows, reading the comments on the Blogs, and simply Barber Shop and Beauty Salon talk, I decided to put together the Top 10 list for Atlanta Worst reality shows. I hear a lot people use the term coonery when describing Atlanta Reality TV. saying, The reason Atlanta has so many reality shows, because of it’s large percentage of African American’s willing to do anything to get on TV. But yet, they continue to watch and support the shows. Like it or Not, Black reality TV is here to stay. The Kardashians’ Made a whopping $65 Million in 2010 off reality TV and everything that came with it, so why can’t people see it’s a big business. People perception of African American’s wont change “good or bad” based off a TV show. If you’re not a racist, you wont allow the actions of a few people, determine your thoughts on a whole race. My top 10 worst Atlanta reality shows is solely based on popularly, plots, subjects, contents and simply my opinions. Keep In mind, I’m ranked in the Top 5 bloggers in Atlanta and have knowledge and professional experience in the entertainment industry. — Futuristic Blogger

Keep in mind, any list would be controversial. They are all debatable. That’s the whole point.

Top 10 Worst Reality Shows In Atlanta

1. Frankie & Neffe
2. Tiny and Toya + Toya A family Affair
3. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
4. Kim Zolciak: ‘Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding’
5. Real Housewives of Atlanta’
6. Brothers to Brutha
7. Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is
8. T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’
9. The Braxton’s
10. Monica: Still Standing

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