Joseline Hernandez Attacked in Atlanta!! [VIDEO]

Joseline Hernandez Attacked in Atlanta
Joseline Hernandez Attacked in Atlanta

BREAKING NEWS: On July 3, 2012 Joseline Hernandez Attacked in Atlanta. Joseline Hernandez was just attacked in an Atlanta Night club. He tweeted “omg….at party Ms Joseline was attacked …. she got f*cked up, blood running down her face so sad stevie just got her…

Troy Story ‏@mrLdavis
“Well well well Joseline just got her ass beat on Auburn Avenue”

“Chick walked up to Joseline and asked why she had a abortion. She pushed the girl, apparently it was at this time that the girl commenced to whooping Joseline ass. Stevie J alledgely came to rescue Joseline’s rescue.”

“She apparently popped Joseline with a bottle”

Stay tuned for photos and more video coming soon.

This story is still developing…. Props to Freddy O, Ms Kemi, and str8talkr. Keep it lock right here, Y’all know I’m Atlanta Top Blogger –  Atlanta Blogger: — Futuristic Blogger

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