Erica Sleeps with Stevie J??

Erica Sleeps with Stevie J
Erica Sleeps with Stevie J

Atlanta Blogger: Erica Sleeps with Stevie J?? Why do Joseline believe Erica slept with Stevie J? It’s her own insecurity because of the way she got him. See that’s the problem with you sleeping with someone else man or woman. You be so afraid of losing them the same way you got them. Joseline had no right to confront Erica over some bullshit. All gossip and lies. — What do you think?? leave me a comment below. I will respond.
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One thought on “Erica Sleeps with Stevie J??

  1. Joseph!—> Jose —> Joselina, or whatever said suspects government name is, said the same thing 2-weeks ago in an article about Mimi’s friend Ariane. Here’s what viewers are failing to realize, Joseline is trying to alienate all of Mimi’s friends from her, Mimi is the real obstacle for Joseline in regards to Stevie “Jacka$$” and his response of “I don’t remember sleeping with her,” meaning Erica, was all B*llshit ratings for the show, now everybody thinks he’s slept with Erica and that all Mimi’s friends are backstabbers, All this to make said suspect Jospeh, I mean Joseline look good. Joseline is not dumb by any means in her tactics to secure Stevie J. all to herself, Mimi may just need to actually move forward and leave all that foolishness that’s bumrushed her life behind because Stevie J. is an a$$Clown and Joseline is an A$$Monkey painted in Covergirl! for the clown.
    On Another Note: Seeing as how Facebook and Twitter blew up in viewership after episode 4 of L&HHATL, Mona Scott got a hit for the season, hands down! It is what it is!

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