Lil Scrappy and Buckey [New] — Atlanta Blogger

Lil Scrappy and Buckey
Lil Scrappy and Buckey

Atlanta Blogger:  Lil Scrappy and Shay Buckey Johnson dating photos. I’m waiting to see what type of relationship lil scrappy have with buckeey. This should be interesting. Ericka seems like a really nice girl. I dont know why he don’t want to stay with her. Ericka seems like she is down for Lil scrappy. — What do you think?? leave me a comment below. I will respond.  – PHOTOS HERE

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3 thoughts on “Lil Scrappy and Buckey [New] — Atlanta Blogger

  1. Amber

    Buckey is a real”but her face”. Anyone that kissed Flavor Flave and has a sex tape out isnt exactly my idea of a better woman than my daughter’s mother who has taken me back time and again. However, Erica needs to own her part as does Mimi. Scrappy treats her badly because she allows it and he doesn’t respect her. It is very sad&humiliating. Honestly, what man speaks so badly about the mother of his child? At least Stevie says nice things to Mimi and about Mimi. He’s still a jerk but a better than Lil Scrappy Doo. You feel me?

  2. Avril Moore

    I dont think this relationship will last long… Scrappy is one of those “whatever is hot right now” kinda guys… He and Erica are going to be together… FOREVER!… oh,,,,and… Buckeey is ugly as hell!

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