Stevie J 5 Baby Mama.

Stevie J 5 Baby Mama.
Stevie J 5 Baby Mama.

Atlanta Blogger: Stevie J 5 Baby Mama. OK This episode 4 was crazy as hell. Stevie J said he got 5 baby mamas and he still having them. Why are women fight over Stevie J is really the question?? Is there a shortage of men where women feel like they have to accept anything?? Then Joseline asked him if he ever slept with Erica and he says he don’t remember. SMH I wonder what all his baby mamas think seeing him on TV with all these women, fighting and drama. — What do you think?? leave me a comment below. I will respond.

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4 thoughts on “Stevie J 5 Baby Mama.

  1. 1classicmarie

    Stevie J has some maturing to do. He enjoys the drama and feeds off of it. Mimi…well that comment of having 5 baby mothers made her look extra dumb. Surely the other children (which could be and is likely more than 5 children) are not all over the age of 16 (the duration of their relationship). I enjoy the show…Mimi deserves better, I hope she decides to truly seek better. She only has to look within. Scrappy was served by a vet…WOW.

  2. Taylor made

    Isn’t it 15 women to 1 man in ATL?!?!
    We as women need to stop acting so desperate. When we’re desperate and men sees that, they act a certain way ANC feel they can get away with whatever. They feed us the bullshit n we just eat it.

  3. Kash

    I love this show for the psychology of it all! I feel sad for mimi because i can tell she is scared to leave him. I mean 15yrs? she’s been taking him back for this long, we’re just seeing the first few episodes of bull crap thats prob been happening for yrs! Mimi will stay even longer but maybe things will change as his daughter gets older…which is another thing….does he think about his kids while he acts th usa stupid

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