Funk Master Flex’s — Social Media Monday’s

Funk Master Flex's -- Social Media Monday's
Funk Master Flex’s — Social Media Monday’s

Atlanta Blogger:  Funk Master Flex’s — Social Media Monday’s – Today Funkmaster Flex announced a new Social Media Monday’s with B Dot of Rap Radar. Social Media Monday’s is a simple idea based on bringing the Boom Bap Back to Hip Hop. This segment will be held every Monday 10:15pm with hip hop bloggers like Karen Civil (who was Flex’s assistent back in the day). Hof From onsmash, hip hop since 1987 and of course Miss Info. The problem with this Social Media Monday’s is Flex needs to rotate the bloggers and journalists every week. Their are other hip hop bloggers making noise with a huge following that love the original hip hop sound and supports it’s origin. If Flex bring back the same bloggers every week, the segment will fell. Please keep the show fresh with new hip hop bloggers every week.

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