Meek Mill Rape Lyrics Song??

Meek Mill Rape Lyrics Song
Meek Mill Rape Lyrics Song

Meek Mill Rape Lyrics?? Meek Mill Rape Lyrics Update With Pastor Jomo Johnson. OK Everybody finally its here. Futuristic Blogger and Pastor Jomo Johnson discuss Meek Mill Song with the verse he’s talking about raping women. Everybody left comments and told me how wrong I was on my last blog. And I can admit when I am wrong. So I took the extra steps and got Pastor Jomo K. Johnson on the phone to discuss the disgusting rap lyrics. I also wanted to apologize to the Pastors and my readers for not having the correct information about the song. Really, Meek Mill needs to be the one apologizing for the terrible rap lyric in that song. What makes matters worst, Meek Mill lied to his fans about writing the lyrics in the first place. I reached out to Meek Mill several times in the past for an interview but it never happen for one reason or another. I talked with Meek Mill Manager also, but I’m still waiting to hear back from him. I will keep y’all posted on my interview with Meek Mill. Meanwhile,  Pastor Jomo K. Johnson tells you the EXACT SONG WITH THE RAPE LYRICS IN IT. (LISTEN BELOW)

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5 thoughts on “Meek Mill Rape Lyrics Song??

  1. Ashley

    Meek is not getting the point. End the conversation because you will not get anywhere. He keeps going around everything and doesn’t have a straight answer. He will have to learn for himself. He knows what he said in his song.

  2. klove

    I COMMENT this Pastor on stepping OUT. Someone need to these rappers are DISRESPECTING JEsus who is Christ is a major way. I speak only as a CHRISTIAN. Nothing from any other faith I speak on only my faith. Do I judge Meek Mills or any other rapper for what they say NO at the end of the day every person has to carrry his/her own cross and answer to GOD! I also know rap is a form of art and I am sure when Meek Mills sais Scared Money Don’t make no money and he would send his boys for rape his honey it was just that entertainment. Was it good NO not me and not to those that have been sexually assaulted but Meek Mills is NOT the only rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, actress, politician, CEO or whatever out here doing & saying things to disrespect people and Jesus Christ.

    I am sure Meek Mills knows EXACTLY what he is ddoing and saying, like he said his family attends church on a regular his grandmother is 80 years old. He knows the Lord for himself and he chooses to do what makes him feel good. At the end of the day the Pastors job was done he spoke what he had to speak and whoever opens an ear to hear will hear. Pastor there is no need for you to fuss and argue. God is NOT a GOD of confusion.

    1. Joshua Phillips

      meek mill isnt trying to disrespect god, and in the bible if you are christian it says when a person chooses to mock god or do hateful things it is not our job as people to argue what someone else is doing… let god deal with it, as a pastor he should have came to meek mill with a different approach and asked what the lyrics mean from his point of view not try to stop his music…
      all i have to say is
      lLET HE WHO NIS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE otherwise NO ONE has any room to talk

  3. MMG Fan

    No beef but everyone has there own beliefs there for I think this is a pointless conversation, Meek is my favorite rapper but am not pickin sides I just feel him when he says he got a family to feed and take care of bottom line, and there is a lot of rapper talkin about way more then what Meek is look at Lil’Wayne lyrics I shoot up everything but a playground so he’s says everything gettin shoot up but a playground but Meek makes a song called Amen and it’s the end of the world, but like I said we have are own beliefs let that man feed his family….

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