Benzino and Karlie Dating.

Benzino and Karlie Dating
Benzino and Karlie Dating

Atlanta Blogger:  Yo. I respect how Benzino came and scooped up Karlie real quick. He recognized a easy target and he hopped on it.  He smelled blood in the water and like a shark, he attacked. Karlie is only out for one thing and Benzino is only out for one thing. At the end of the day, Benzino will win in this situation. If Karlie is over 40, she need a reality check fast. What do you think??  – PHOTOS HERE

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3 thoughts on “Benzino and Karlie Dating.

  1. lola nippy

    karlie fell victim of an old trick they use in the business when they don’t like you and wanna sabotage you they say your 40 , 45 or 50 because people know people are gonna run iwith it even tho its not true u know just like ur doing shes late 20’s for guys they say they are gay usually cuz thats hard to prove sad but true they are really vicious in the industy k michelle n them know she aint 40 they just dont like her and know that people belive anything you say so sad but true

  2. kim

    I hope kalie and benzino make it all they have to do is go to work and church and pray and get married and stay focus and ask god to guide and direct there paths y’all be blessin jesus name.

  3. I really hope karlie and beinzo make it they are a really good couple n just like benizo said this music industry is no good it makes it harder. I pray for them and hope they make it…

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