Karlie And Cash Money Records.

Karlie And Cash Money Records.
Karlie And Cash Money Records.

Atlanta Blogger:  Karlie And Cash Money Records. C’mon son!! aint no way Cash Money is managing Karlie on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I heard her singing and it was not good at all. There is no talent on this show besides K Michelle and Rasheeda. The first time we were introduced to Karlie, she was with L.A Reid son. What happen to him??  Now she dating Benzino like it’s all good. She jumps on any industry dude to get famous. I will get more information on Karlie and Cash Money records. I believe she may have worked at Cash Money offices,  but I’m sure there is NO other affiliation. – PHOTOS HERE

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One thought on “Karlie And Cash Money Records.

  1. kristen

    Karlie Redd, is a gold-digging no talent whore. She was all over Bezino and the Roscoe Dash. She truly needs to sit her old ass down seriously!!! Gucci,Prada…..SMMFH!! Ignorant, no self respect trying to fuck her way to the top to no avail. If she use to be affiliated with Cash Money. Birdman, fucked her and got tired of not feeling in walls. he discarded that trash!! Get some talent and you will not have to fuck evry man in the industry!! mimi, should’ve smacked your scandalous trouble making ass!!

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