Meek Mill Apologizes for Amen Song

Meek Mill Apologizes for Amen Song
Meek Mill Apologizes for Amen Song

Atlanta Blogger:    Meek Mill Apologizes for Amen Song. Today I received a email from Pastor Jomo K johnson about Meek Mill Apologizing on BET 106 and park. Email Here —  Just wanted to give a final update as I prepare to get off of this Meek Mill roller coaster. Yesterday, Meek went on BET 106 and Park and acknowledged the controversy of the song, “Amen”. He apology was dodgy, (Video Here – Skip to Next to last frame) but he released an informal statement through 106 and Park’s twitter page stating:

“if u feel disrespected – I’m sorry. maybe I could do a remix w/a choir or sumthin..” -@MeekMill on “Amen” controversy. ‪#meekmill106‬

“I can understand how people find it offensive.. wasn’t tryin to disrespect” .. “I didn’t drop the song with bad intentions” -@MeekMill

This apology was the condition for lifting the Call-To-Action boycott. Therefore, I want to say as a follower of Christ, that I completely forgive Robert Williams for this song because Jesus has completely forgiven me. While I have made the choice not to listen to or support any artist that promotes blasphemy or misogyny in their music, I appreciate Mr. Williams being willing to acknowledge his wrong. It is my sincere hope, that he, along with all popular rappers with their fans, will embrace God’s total forgiveness by turning from the sin promoted through mainstream Hip Hop, and trust solely in Christ for salvation. Christ died for all the evil we have done and spoken. And it is only through repentance and faith that forgiveness can be found.

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One thought on “Meek Mill Apologizes for Amen Song

  1. promotewho

    People want to boycott anything – just to be doing it …
    How many artist used religion in their music? Kanye, Nas, Madonna, Rick Ross( Holy Ghost)

    It way too many to name…. Unless he was stating something direct against religious beliefs..people should chill. I look at it as an avenue to bring the youth to have religion in their lives… hip hop says its ok to show it .

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