Nas “Life is Good” Album Sales.

Nas Life is Good Album Sales
Nas Life is Good Album Sales

Futuristic Blogger and The XXL Staff gives their predictions for first-week sales of Nas’ latest album, Life Is Good. Yesterday, Nas’ 10th solo album, Life Is Good, hit stores. The project finds the Queens MC in a lyrical zone, bringing his approach back to his early days getting personal on many of his songs. He’s been building up towards the release for quite some time since announcing the title last year, and has been doing a promo run that includes performances on late night TV as well as on the ESPYs. Critics have praised the album, and XXL even gave it the rare XXL rating. Fans, too, seem to be enjoying the set, based on comments on sites and Twitter. How many will show out to buy the record, though? The XXL Staff predicts. Plus You know Futuristic Blogger Had to add his prediction. Props to XXL

Futuristic Blogger — 220,000

Tarik Sykes —190,000

Adam Fleischer — 186,000

Jaeki Cho —185,000

Mariel Concepcion —180,000

Mark Lelinwalla —175,000

Jayson Rodriguez —168,000

Neil Martinz-Belkin —135,000

Carl Chery —125,000

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