Shay Buckeey Reacts To Lil Scrappy Engagement.

Looks like Shay maybe heartbroken over the news that Lil Scrappy decided to propose to his baby mama Ericka. Lil Scrappy lied to Shay when he said he no longer wanted to be with Ericka and Shay addressed that on Twitter saying “Yeah but its ok babe! Smiles” .

You can tell Shay Johnson is going through the motions. On Aug 15, 2012 after the Engagement announcement was made, Shay tweeted I MISS U……………….. Ummmmm yummy just my my Special Spaghetti!!And we know who she was talking too.

So on the very next day Shay goes into a rant saying

“Anyway! What up peeps!! Just had to BLOCK a few Birds on my TL!! Team Block a Bitch or Nigga which ever applies..Its funny how EVERY HATER has a reply to my last post! Lmao I Brings em out!! I C U HATERS!! Now GIMME KISS (n my Stevie J voice) hehehe!

Obviously Shay can’t talk about it to much, but you can tell she is hurt. She is very close friends with Mama Dee amd it hurts to see Lil Scrappy, Erika, Mama Dee and Emoni all out together celebrating there engagement. I will keep y’all posted. — Futuristic Blogger


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