Opposite Sex Friendships. Part 2

PART 2 — Last week we had a great discussion about married couples having friendship with the opposite sex. On that blog we used Lala Vasquez , Tyrese and Ludacris as an examples. Many people expressed their opinions and thoughts on how married people could have friends of the opposite sex.

We used Kim Kardashian relationship with Kanye West as an perfect example of how friends of the opposite sex could lead to so much more. Kris Humphries was married to Kim Kardashian while she was friends with Kanye West. So today we want to highlight Jada Pinkett Friendship with Duane Martin.

Yesterday Jada Pinkett posted the photo (Above) on twitter of herself and Duane Martin hanging out at XEN bar over the weekend. Innocent as it maybe, should Will Smith be concerned. Keep in mind, Duane Martin was allegedly the reason behind Jada and Will divorce rumors.

What do you think?? Is it healthy for Jada Pinkett to hang out with Duane Martin after the rumors they were sleeping together?? Leave a Comment Below. — Futuristic Blogger

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Also peep the discussion last week with Lala, Tyrese & Ludacris.


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