Lil Jo Jo and Lil Reese Update

lil jo jo and lil reese

lil jo jo and lil reese

What the hell is going on in Chicago?? Today I been following the case of a 16 year old rapper named Lil Jo Jo. His name is all over the internet because Chief Keef posted a tweet laughing at his death. Which later Chief Keef claims his twitter was hacked. After all the major media coverage, I decided to do my own research on Lil Jo Jo AKA Joseph Coleman. Lil Jo Jo released a diss video on youtube called “3hunnak” (Lil Durk Diss) and it appears Lil Jo Jo also had beef with another rapper affiliated with Chief Keef name Lil Reese.

lil reese

lil reese

According to twitter posts, Lil Reese got the police and Lil Jo Jo family looking for him right now.
There are several death threats on twitter and many people talking about revenge for Lil Jo Jo death.
This whole situation is crazy that our youth starting with this violence behavior so young. I was surprise to see how many cold-hearted people mocked Lil Jo Jo death and making fun of it. There is a serious problem with our youth and we need help fast.

Some people are even talking about booking Lil Reese for a show just to harm him over the death of Lil Jo Jo. SMHΒ  This is crazy what people post on twitter.

lil jo jo death investigation

lil jo jo death investigation

Lil Jo Jo 3hunnak (Lil Durk Diss)
460,000 views on youtube

840,000 views on youtube.

Lil Reese ft Lil Durk and Fredo Santana – Beef

I will keep you posted on this case!!!

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2 thoughts on “Lil Jo Jo and Lil Reese Update

    • I desperately prayed and hoped that 50 Cents and other well known Rap Stars would consider talking to this young man twin brother, and to every young man… Please 50 Cent I beg you, do what you can.. Talk to other stars, write a song and speak your mind… they would listen to you. Men become Mentors, these young men need you RIGHT NOW!! Black men please take a stand seriously, this is your son, my son, our son, the son of every black man. This child had not the proper guidance, or sense of direction, my heart bleeds for this child andy yet I never knew him.

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