50 Cent Says He Can’t Comprehend Chris Lighty’s Death, Says He Didn’t Owe Money

As much as Chris Lighty’s suicide has shocked the Hip Hop community as a whole, perhaps no one was more stunned that 50 Cent.

“I’ve worked with Chris the entire time,” said 50 in an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff. “Since the actual mixtape run. Everything,” added Fif, referring to his now-legendary takeover of Hip Hop in the early 2000s aided greatly by a slew of memorable mixtapes. 50 elaborated, explaining how Lighty’s death made no sense to him. “I actually can’t wrap the idea around my head of him shooting himself,” said 50. “I don’t have all of the information, so I don’t want to point or say anything other than what’s being said publicly but I don’t believe that. Just ’cause of my personal interactions with him, he never gave any indication that was even possible.”

50 also debunked reports that Lighty had a $5 million debt.

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