Atlanta Bloggers 2013 — Full List

Top Atlanta Bloggers -- Top Blog Sites in Atlanta
Top Atlanta Bloggers — Top Blog Sites in Atlanta

Atlanta Bloggers 2013 — Full List — I wanted to highlight and give credit to all my fellow bloggers in Atlanta. Our city is so diverse and culturally relevant to Hip Hop. I love the phase “United we stand, divided we fall” so I wanted the world to see Atlanta Bloggers can come together as one.

I started in 2009 and now I’m ranked – 5k on alexa in the United States.

Futuristic Blogger — Editor in Chief Of and Featured Editor Of True Magazine. has over 165,000 members & subscribers internationally on every populated continent. has become one of the most influential website to document hip hop culture. We’re carving our own niche by presenting stories with unique view points, but from a mainstream perspective.

Futuristic Blogger has been featured on, TVOne,, Vibe Magzine, The Source Magazine,, AOL BlackVoices, Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Dr. Boyce Watins,, and many more.


1. Sandra Rose — US: 4,764

2. Futuristic US: 5,356

3. Atl night spot — US: 8,200
4. Michelle Brown — US: 10,188
5. Freddy O — US: 19,399
6.  Miss jia   —       US: 33,335
7. TalkingWithTami — US: 39,149
8. Tamara — US: 92,119
9. Exclusive Access– US: 140,363
10. Rahim — US: 172,962
12 Gyant Unplugged — US: 228,911
11. Dennis Byron — US: 364,919
13. Marice Garland — US: N/A
14. Christ James   —  US:  N/A

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