Juvenile’s Heart Goes Out to B.G.

Juvenile’s Heart Goes Out to B.G.
Juvenile’s Heart Goes Out to B.G.

Last month, news broke that B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in prison for gun possession and witness tampering. Like many rap fans, Juvenile was shocked. The New Orleans native and former member of Cash Money’s Hot Boys—the group that included Lil Wayne, Juve, Turk and B.G.—recently told XXL what he thought about B.G. having to do that lengthy bid.

“I mean 14 years was unexpected,” Juvenile said. “I knew he was gon’ get some time…I ain’t know it was gon’ be 14 years. It hit me like everybody else. Like, ‘Man, damn. Did it get that bad?’ He was on paper; he was on probation, and he had like a little drug charge or something that he got caught with. And, all that just fell in on him at one time ’cause he had like three open charges when they caught him.”

Juve says that B.G., who joined the Hot Boys as a teen, has been battling drug addiction—namely heroin—since he was 16. Juvenile attributes that as one of the main factors why B.G. is getting ready to serve such a long sentence.

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